Special thanks to all our clients who have allowed us to share their personal experiences.  We're truly grateful to be a part of their success and accomplishments.  


With Gratitude, Charmaine

"Our families experience with Ms. Charmaine Lopez has been phenomenal, our family has known Charmaine for 4 years. She started out helping my 6 year old autistic son. He has made tremendous progress since working with her. Soon after she started therapy with my youngest daughter which has a diagnosis of Microcephelly. She has also made great progress under Charmaine's guidance.

Charmaine has had such a positive impact on my children, soon after I needed help for my teenage daughter suffering from depression, PTSD and intellectual disability also known as mental retardation. Charmaine was quick to offer her support, my daughter started sessions with Charmaine and has come a long way from where she was. She has also helped my middle child out, understanding her siblings disabilities and giving her support and guidance. 

Charmaine has been a God sent to our family, always offering her very best to help me stay strong and know that there is help out there.  My family and I are grateful for people like Charmaine who devote their lives to helping those in need. Thank you!"

-C.U. (Mother of 3 Children with Disabilities)

"I came to Charmaine in 2014 having just lost my father and I had open heart surgery scheduled for the upcoming month. Additionally, I have ongoing diagnoses of bipolar disorder and anxiety. I was very tired mentally and not very open to trying new things during my counseling sessions. Charmaine was and is extremely patient with me and has gone out of her way to educate me on counseling methods that could be beneficial to me.


Through methods such as EMDR, I have made more progress with Charmaine than I had previously in the last 14 years of visits with doctors and counselors. I now have a more positive outlook on life and am waking up feeling happy and thankful for each day. I could not be more grateful to Charmaine for this incredible gift of a new perspective on life."

M.G. (Female Client)

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